The Nature of Change

June 3, 2014


I hope that you are doing well, today. In my entertainment/music/ministry business that I am in, I see change all the time. Sometimes, I am leading it and sometimes I am trying to figure out how to prepare for it.


Small changes are things that we get pretty accustomed too. For example; I had to changed my clothes today because I spilled mustard on my shirt or I had to change my cell phone provider because the one I was using was always dropping calls. These may be a bother but most of the time they don’t send us over the edge. But the bigger the change the harder it can be to embrace it. Especially for families and organizations. Change a policy for the business or try to move the family to a new place and there is this kickback that may occur. There will be a back and forth of dialogue, feelings, and unwillingness with the changes that require bigger adjustments from the people involved. I run across this often and this is what I have determined about change. The nature of change is like a shoreline. It takes the numerous waves washing back and forth for a while and sometimes it takes a few storms before the landscape can look different. 


So, to those who are leading change in your organizations, your families, and in your own lives; be patient, listen and don’t quit.  It will take some back and forth to bring the desired future change into present reality. You may find some enlightening new insights as the waves of dialogue unearth new information and ideas. 


And to those who are working to make adjustments to the change that is approaching, listen, have patience with those who are leading, and don’t quit. Give your feed back, air your concerns, and listen to all sides of the story. You may find that the approaching change is worth the adjustments required of you.


To the immovable, be careful. The sea of change never stops beating the shore. And those that stand against its tide eventually get washed into the sea and become a distant memory.


Important side note: all change is not good. This is not the kind of change that I am referring to in this blog. The change that I am referring to is the good change that continues to show up at each high tide.


Have a super awesome day,




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The Nature of Change

June 3, 2014

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